Who is Sydney  Sapin (say-pin)

I’m the Sydney-est Sydney there is. I’m a ux’er, a visual designer, a photographer, and a hardcore right brainer who happens to be left-handed.  My goal in life is to create something that inspires, and to never stop being inspired.  My personal brand is hating the phrase personal brand, telling corny jokes that fall flat except when they’re extremely hilairious, and the Peanut Butter Baby vine. My happy place is behind the lens of any SLR camera, an empty beach as the sun rises, and the middle of the crowd during a music festival or concert. 

Contact Me:         ︎ sydesapin@gmail.com        ︎ linkedin.com/in/sydney-sapin           ︎ @anutherfilmaccount
Thursday Jan 19 2023
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